3-2-1 Launch

Good morning!

It’s a great day for a launch, wouldn’t you say? 

But what about the snow?

Yes there’s snow everywhere and depending on whether you like winter, this is either awesome or you’re not enjoying the weather at all. I won’t tell you which side I fall on. Well, in between blowing, shoveling and the occasional snow ball fight, I’ve been working hard to make this launch successful. To that end…

Drumroll please…

Allow me to introduce VenüDesk – adaptive conference management software to help you save time and money planning your next conference.

Why is VenüDesk different than other planning software? I’m glad you asked. I’ve built some pretty neat ways to keep you and your team organized while collecting and reviewing all of the information that floods in during the planning stages.

Save time during the planning process. You no longer need to track down and nag that presenter to email you their abstract or slides because they will have the ability to log and add it to your desk themselves.

Save money by reducing the need for multiple systems. With everything in one place, there’s no need to sign up for external services to help manage your data which can be costly.

Communicate with everyone. Send out an announcements to your team, presenters, or any group you create – all from your desk.

My What?

Now, I imagine that you’re are now asking “my what?” (thus the little heading above). Your desk. That’s what I call your admin console. Your desk is where you coordinate and plan everything. The neat thing is, once you set up your planning team, each member has their own desk that exposes the functions they are responsible for based on their roles. The main conference administrator(s) can have the ability to view each team member’s progress and can jump in to help if needed. Pretty convenient, right?

What else can my desk do?

Set up your conference, delegate tasks, check-in with a quick look at your health meter to see how things are going. Oh yea, that’s another cool feature I built. With a simple glance, you can get a handle on how your planning is going at any moment. Based on the goals that you can set up, VenuDesk can tell you how things are progressing without you needing to setup up a conference call, check-in with every member on your team or read dozens of emails. The meter will let you know if anything has fallen between the cracks, and will tell you where your team needs to focus their efforts so you’re not surprised at the last minute.

VenüDesk can do this and a lot more. Every function has been carefully crafted based on years of experience to save you time and make planning as easy as possible.

Check out my website for more information and let VenüDesk make your conference planning a breeze. 



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