About VenüDesk

VenüDesk is a fully featured Conference / Event management system, hosted in the cloud that facilitates the planning of conferences and other events.  The main goal of VenüDesk is to streamline the event planning process by using industry standard technologies and best practices.

Administrators can build out venue information including floors, rooms and capacities, set up conference tracks; create track leaders, presenters and sessions.   The software also incorporates a room scheduling function and a flexible registration system for both attendees and vendors. To complete the circle, VenüDesk includes an evaluation system to gain feedback about the event, all of which is available and downloadable from the administration interface.

VenüDesk streams event information to an optional mobile application that attendees can use to build their schedule, view attendees and vendor information.

By utilizing the SaaS model, a single installation of application code is used for all clients.  This aids in the rapid deployment of new features and bug fixes across all clients at one time.

VenüDesk has a unique selling proposition because it can offer a paperless experience for the team members and conference attendees.  Using the centralized software, team members can collaborate and collect data such as session and presentation information. This saves time and frustration with respect to gathering and publishing conference information.

With four pricing tiers, including a limited free tier, we believe there is an option for every budget and size.  Each tier fluctuates in the features it offers so clients are not purchasing more than they need.

Interested In Knowing More?

I would love to talk to you about how we can help you streamline your conference planning and/or conference mobile application.