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Overview of

What do you get for your money?  That’s what we all want to know.  Aside from amazing support, you get a robust and feature rich application that really, honestly, makes planning your conference as easy as possible.  Below is a list of overall features.  If you have a question about something you think we missed, please let us know! 

Users, Roles, Permissions

Assign users to specific roles within the system, or delegate individual permissions for users that need that extra functionality. It is all managed through our User Manager.

Conference Setup

Create and set the Venue, Conference name, dates, description, tracks, timeslots, all through an easy to understand interface that will quickly get the back end of your conference created before you know it.

Sessions? No problem

Create, edit, delete sessions, assign tracks and times, abstracts, and room. Collect special request if the presenter needs a white board or internet access, set up CPE credits, and create and assign presenters.


Registration can be a nightmare, especially with an out of the box solution. Use our custom form builder to collect only the information you need, set registration dates, payment options and promo codes, we've got it covered.

Attendee Management

Your event wouldn't be anything with out attendees, and we let you manage their information from here. When they call with a change, or cancellation, answers about their invoice are two clicks away.

Vendors / Sponsors / Partners

We have vendor registration as well, and all of their information is pushed to this area. Download logos, profiles, resend invoices and booth guests, change names at the last minute, quicky see who's paid

Session Scheduler

I LOVE scheduling sessions! ... said no-one ever. Until now. With our scheduler, it is easy to see what sessions need to be scheduled, what rooms scheduled sessions are in and if there are presenter conflicts.


The hardest part of hosting a conference other than planning it is trying to get users to complete the evaluations. Set them up here, let attendees complete them from the website or mobile app. View and export the submissions and distribute them to the presenters.

Interested In Knowing More?

I would love to talk to you about how we can help you streamline your conference planning and/or conference mobile application.