conference planning, simplified

Everything in one place

Let’s face it, conference planning is hard. Especially for small organizations because they can’t afford the enterprise systems larger conferences use, but still have the same organizational issues, albeit on a smaller scale. 

Imagine you’re planning a conference. Without a software solution you are left to organize information using DropBox for files, Google Docs for content, Spreadsheets for scheduling, something like EventBrite for registration, and Survey Monkey or WooForms for evaluations. Now you’re juggling logins for each service.  Multiply that by 5, 10 or more depending on how large your planning team is and it becomes complex quickly, including finding information.


VenüDesk removes this pain with an adaptive framework and collection system.  Think TurboTax for conference planning.  Our system adapts to your needs as you enter data. Starting with a few questions, we can tailor your desk (admin console) to keep it clean and tidy.  Who doesn’t like a clean desk?


Collecting and organizing information is the heart of planning.  You can easily assign roles and delegate tasks to users.  There’s nothing worse than wasting your precious  time tracking down slide decks and abstracts.  Let the presenters enter the information into the system.  When they submit, it lands on your desk in an organized way allowing your team to review and if necessary approve it.


We know the pain and struggle of conference planning, we’ve been doing it for years with all of those random 3rd party applications. We get it.  That’d why we’ve built VenüDesk to streamline the entire planning process from venue creation to scheduling, registration to evaluations, we’ve covered it all.


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